Can I receive my massage or treatment at home ?
Yes, massages and treatments can be done at home. This is one of the philosophies that differentiates Ibiza Massage. You will not have to travel, you just have to worry about being pampered and the best of all is after finishing a fabulous massage or treatment you will not have to disconnect from this energy of calm and well-being, you can stay at home basking in the results that it will provide to your body, mind and soul.
Can you receive a massage when you are sick with the cold or flu ?
Certain conditions contraindicate massages because of the risk it represents either for you as a client or for the therapist.

If you have a cold or flu or other viral infection or bacteria, a reflexology massage can be internally stimulating. And for this to have the benefits that will favor the relief, it will have to be constant in several sessions with this type of massage.

If you are interested in some other massage, you should just rest up.

Can I receive a massage after having suffered a sprain?
Immediately after the incident has occurred, I recommend immediately using the RICE method. Rest, Ice, Compression, & Elevation. Always go to the doctor, since a diagnosis is necessary to select the best treatment. For a complete recovery, with less risk of relapse and that there are recurrent pain and swelling, recommend going to physiotherapy sessions.

At Ibiza Massage we do not treat injuries where the ligament is affected, torn, swollen joint, pain or sensitivity to touch, bruising, inability to walk or sustain weight based on the joint or stiffness in the affected area.

How old do you have to be to receive a massage?
Ibiza Masaje’s personal recommendation is that a massage can be received by a person of any age, you just have to listen to our needs and choose what is best for you.

For infants, specifically babies, should receive massages from people close to the baby such as parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc. It is highly recommended that they do so after having attended a course taught by professionals.

As for seniors, massages are recommended, as long as we do not forget that there are areas in the body where it is not pleasant to apply any type of pressure. The intensity of the massage is always less for seniors and is always respecting their respiratory capacity.

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